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Nicki Minaj Sheer Bodysuit

Nicki Minaj’s sheer bodysuit was perfect! Fans can’t stop talking about the twerk of the year she delivered at last night’s Tidal X concert.  The rapper performed along with Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, T.I. and Lauryn Hill! Nicki was extremely excited to meet Lauryn at the concert.  Scroll to the Instagram videos to see the beautiful rapper twerk!

Who would have thought that Lauryn would bring Minaj to her knees at the event.  We don’t know what’s been up with Nicki lately but she’s definitely not acting like herself.  In her recent “Ooouuu” freestyle, she gives Young M.A props, something she never would have done a few years back.

Nicki Minaj Sheer Bodysuit
Nicki Minaj Sheer Bodysuit

We are used to the Nicki that reminds the world that there’s no competition every time she wins an award.  We’re thinking her brother’s recent trouble with the law has humbled her.  Minaj was once very vocal about Tyga’s relationship with Kylie Jenner because of their age difference and a few years later we find out that her brother has been having relations with an underage female.

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The video below is a complete contradiction to the one above.  Lauryn Hill would not approve of Nicki’s twerking but we’re glad Nicki let Hill know that she’s been an inspiration.

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