Moniece Slaughter Tape

Scroll to the video for details about the infamous Moniece Slaughter tape!

In Love and Hip Hop Hollywood episode 9, season 3, “Retribution” details about Moniece Slaughter’s tape will be revealed.  In the preview for the episode, we see blogger Jason Lee in the studio with Max Boyd, Brandi Boyd, Ray J and Princess Love.  The group has come together to discuss Moniece.

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If you watched episode 8, “Forgive or Forget” then you remember Princess and Brandi asking Jason for the tape.  We thought he would make up an excuse regarding why he was eventually unable to access the tape but clearly we were wrong.  In the studio, Princess explains that she wants to put Moniece in her place to finally end their feud.

Moniece Slaughter Tape
Moniece Slaughter Tape

Jason says that some people release music whereas he releases receipts.  Max asks Jason if he found a skeleton in Moniece’s closet and Jason reveals that he actually found a cemetery.  Ray J’s reaction is classic, as usual:

ray j reaction
Ray J Reaction

Princess can’t wait! She demands to see the tape.  Max looks way too excited to do the honors.  That is the fastest I’ve ever seen anyone grab a remote.  The screen turns completely black and all you hear is Moniece moaning.  It wouldn’t be Love and Hip Hop Hollywood if there was no instigating.  We then see Max telling Lil’ Fizz about the visual.

Lil’ Fizz and Moniece have a son together so we then see the former couple discussing the video.  It looks like Slaughter is pulling a Mimi Faust.  She claims that she doesn’t know who taped her.  The next scene shows Moniece and Fizz discussing the tape with Jason.  Fizz wants the video to disappear while Moniece continues to wonder who taped her.