Moniece Slaughter Girlfriend

Moniece Slaughter’s girlfriend was on everyone’s mind after last night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.  The reality star met up with an old boyfriend, rapper, SL Money.  She ended up slapping him in the face because of the tape he leaked.  Slaughter hasn’t had much luck with her previous relationships so we’re happy she has a new girlfriend.

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The couple is still together, as proven by the Instagram picture below.  Moniece’s relationship with Lil Fizz has been over for years and we’ve seen exactly why.  Slaughter can be a very evil person at times and Fizz isn’t about that life.

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Moniece has revealed that she had a previous relationship with former NBA superstar, Shaquille O’Neal.  We’re guessing Shaq caught wind of how she can get and decided to call it quits.  It’s one thing to have a temper but the reality star is known for taking things too far.
Moniece Slaughter Girlfriend
Moniece Slaughter Girlfriend

Slaughter is proof that you live and you learn.  SL the rapper doesn’t seem like her type at all but when you’re lost you tend to make questionable decisions.  Hopefully her tape won’t leak.  She didn’t waste any time hiring an attorney so if it eventually does leak someone will have to pay.

Do you think the tape is a publicity stunt? Is Slaughter pulling a Mimi Faust? At first, she claimed that she didn’t know who taped her but she didn’t seem to be unaware that SL taped her when the former couple met in person.