Master P Baby Mama

If you watched the first episode of Growing Up Hip Hop‘s second season, you’re most likely wondering: Who’s Master P’s baby mama? The music executive actually has two baby mothers: Sonya C. Miller and Evelyn Miller.  Sonya is Romeo’s mother who helped build No Limit Records.

In the “Blinged Up Throne Down” episode we learn that Sonya is suing No Limit Records.  Master P lets Romeo know what’s taking place and he’s formed to stop thinking about his ex-girlfriend, Angela Simmons.  Romeo’s father, whose real name is Percy Miller, built No Limit Records from the ground up.

Master P Baby Mama
Master P Baby Mama

In 2002 when Percy and Sonya moved to Beverly Hills from Louisiana their bond was still strong.  Percy loved eating Sonya’s southern dishes in their brand new kitchen.  A few years after they moved to California, Hollywood ruined their relationship.  The former love birds from Baton Rouge, now live in California’s courthouses.

Sonya recently sued her own son, Romeo, arguing that Percy is using him to hide assets.  We can only imagine the negative impact this will have on Romeo in the long-run.  We bet he wishes they would have stayed in New Orleans instead of moving to the West Coast.  Hopefully, his mother won’t ruin No Limit Records.

By Jason John

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