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In episode 8 of Atlanta‘s first season, “The Club” we meet Marcus Miles.  Earn lands Paper Boi a club appearance worth $7,500 but collecting the cash is easier said that done.  Alfred is upset because there’s no brown liquor and of course he’s there on the same night as NFL player Marcus aka Jeff Miles.

The DJ announces that Marcus is in the house and he gets mad love.  When the DJ announces that Paper Boi is in the house, no one cares.  Miles’ section is lit and he’s wearing the perfect hat, looking like Future in his prime:

Marcus Miles Jeff Miles NFL Atlanta FX
Marcus Miles Jeff Miles NFL Atlanta FX

Earn starts chasing the club owner around the club for that $7,500.  Another task that’s easier said than done, the club owner is “slippery as f**k!”

Alfred isn’t having a good time because Marcus is being greedy with the ladies.  He insults Marcus but Darius tells Alfred that Marcus is actually pretty cool.  He then informs Paper Boi about Marcus’ invisible car.  Here’s a picture from Marcus’ Instagram account:

Marcus Miles Jeff Miles NFL Atlanta FX
Marcus Miles Jeff Miles NFL Atlanta FX

Later, Marcus runs someone over in his invisible car.  The cops are investigating the incident along with Paper Boi “stealing” the money from the club owner.

#Repost @officialmarcusmiles with @repostapp A photo posted by Empire Fox Boo Boo Kitty (@empirebbk) on Oct 19, 2016 at 1:21am PDT

The show’s social media team has been brilliant, as proven by the post above.  FX is owned by Fox, explaining the success of Empire and Atlanta‘s social media strategies.

Check out Brian Tyree Henry’s recent interview with The Wall Street Journal:

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