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Lira Galore, Iyanla Fix My Life, Rick Ross Girl

Rick Ross’ ex-fiancée, Lira Galore, recently appeared on Iyanla: Fix My Life‘s “House of Healing: The Myth of the Angry Black Woman, Part 4.” Iyanla wants Lira to give voice to her inner hurt little girl who was abandoned by her father.  Iyanla has Michael sit-in as Galore’s father and advises Lira to forgive for what he has done.

Galore forgives her father for abandoning her and robbing her from her innocence.  Iyanla interrupts and tells Lira to forgive her father for failing to teach her what to expect from men.  Galore begins to break down but eventually regains her composure.  She then forgives her father for failing to protect her and not letting her be a daddy’s girl.

Lira Galore Iyanla Fix My Life Rick Ross Girl
Lira Galore Iyanla Fix My Life Rick Ross Girl
Galore also forgives her dad for being a father figure to children that were not his.  Iyanla then advises her to forgive herself.  Galore forgives herself for the mistakes she made in search for his love.  The scene is very sad but it can be used to motivate fathers who have abandoned their children:
In previous episodes Lira explained that her father abandoned her at a young age and married a white woman.  She also discusses being engaged to Rick Ross.  She says that their relationship started off great but then he changed and began lying and doing sneaky things behind her back.

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