LaTosha DJ Duffey Son

On episode 13 of Basketball Wives LA season 5 we watched LaTosha DJ Duffey and crew head to Portugal.  The DJ used her Twitter account to explain that she was missing the episode because she was setting up her son’s room in her new house.  Many people were surprised to hear that the DJ had a son.

DJ Duffey is currently engaged to NBA agent, Iman Shokouhizadeh.  Her upcoming marriage won’t be her first.  After graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington she got married to former NFL football player, Brian Jackson.  In 2010 he played for the New York Jets.  The cornerback also played for the New York Giants and the St. Louis Rams.  The couple had an adorable son.

Latosha DJ Duffey Son
LaTosha DJ Duffey Son

After the couple had their son Duffey was living in New York with Brian where she wasn’t happy.  A few months later she decided to move back to Texas and they got divorced.  The Texas native explains that being a single mother motivated her to become a DJ.  She had to provide for her son and she has been doing a great job:

Jackie Christie’s husband, Doug, purchased tickets for her and the ladies to go to Portugal.  Tami was thinking about skipping the trip after her and LaTosha had a physical altercation over Jazz’s music video.  In the following video Duffey has an emotional conversation with Malaysia and Brandi regarding her beef with Tami Roman:


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