Kendra Baskett Snapchat Name

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Daily Mail reports that Kendra Wilkinson Baskett helped Amber Rose celebrate her second annual SlutWalk this weekend.  Prior to the event she used her Instagram account to post a beautiful picture of herself dancing on a party bus.  The 31-year-old mother-of-two still has a beautiful body and she isn’t shy about showing it off!

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According to LAist the event exposes slut-shaming and sexual abuse.  Some people have the wrong perception of the celebration because of its title but don’t judge a book by its cover.  Stars like Kendra, Perez Hilton and Blac Chyna support the SlutWalk because they fully understand its intent.  Make sure you’re following Wilkinson on all of her social media accounts.

Kendra Baskett’s Snapchat name is KendraWBaskett:

Kendra Baskett Snapchat Name
Kendra Baskett Snapchat Name
Amber Rose recently clapped back at rapper, Benzino after he made negative comments about the event.  The former Love and Hip Hop star posted an image of Rose on Instagram explaining how happy he is to have a daughter that does not associate herself with the SlutWalk.  Rose didn’t waste any time before responding to the insult.

The talk show host explained to Benzino that his daughter will most likely be insulted by someone in her life because she is beautiful.  Jealousy causes people to make negative comments about others especially since the evolution of social media.