Jorge Castillo, How To Get Away With Murder

Jorge Castillo is Laurel’s father on How To Get Away With Murder.  Jorge is played by award-winning actor, Esai Morales.  He is best known for his roles in La Bamba, NYPD Blue and Gun Hill Road.  On season 3, episode 3, “Always Bet Black” Annalise sends Laurel to see her father in Miami, Florida.

Annalise wants Laurel to find out if her father has any information on Frank.  Jorge knows exactly why Laurel is visiting because he has her phone tapped.  How To Get Away With Murder is a fast-paced show but in “Always Bet Black” we finally learn more about Laurel’s backstory.

Jorge Castillo How To Get Away With Murder
Jorge Castillo How To Get Away With Murder

We find out that Laurel’s father is a tech guru who creates government surveillance tools.  Laurel and her father have years of turmoil to resolve so Jorge hires a mediator to help them out.  Laurel and her father get into a heated argument in front of the mediator, and Laurel threatens to leave.  Wes is worried about Laurel, and doesn’t care about spending his birthday with Meggy.

Later, Meggy confronts Wes about being attracted to Laurel but Wes convinces her that he’s not.  We find out that Jorge abandoned Laurel and her mother and he refused to pay Laurel’s ransom after she was kidnapped.  Laurel was only 16-years-old when she was kidnapped yet her father refused to help her out.

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