JC Pilot Jones Blac Chyna Photos

JC Pilot Jones and Blac Chyna’s photos are causing major problems in the former stripper’s relationship.  Just when you thought Chyna and Rob Kardashian finally found peace in their relationship, more drama strikes.  This time the couple’s beef involves leaked pictures of Chyna kissing JC Pilot Jones.

Rob Kardashian Under Investigation

The couple’s relationship is in a never ending downward spiral.  Rob recently threatened Jones in a harmful way and is now under criminal investigation.  Jones is afraid because Rob sent him multiple threatening text messages.  In the text, the reality star warns James to stay away from his wife.

JC Pilot Jones Blac Chyna Photos
JC Pilot Jones Blac Chyna Photos


Pilot is well aware that Rob’s father was O.J. Simpson’s lawyer.  When you know the right people in the legal system, you can get away with anything.
Robert Kardashian OJ Simpson


Rob sent Pilot numerous messages where he makes it clear that he’s fed up.  Hopefully Chyna doesn’t find a way to manipulate this one.  Although Rob shouldn’t be threatening people, Chyna has a tendency of creating drama.
Rob has serious mental issues and has been cheated on in the past.  The situation is similar to Mariah Carey’s breakup.  Both relationships involve people who have experienced bad breakups in their past relationships with celebrities.  Mariah Carey broke up with Nick Cannon and Blac Chyna broke up with Tyga.

Do you think Blac Chyna is cheating on Rob with JC Pilot Jones?