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Jason Lee, Love And Hip Hop Hollywood

Scroll to the Instagram video to see Jason Lee in previews of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s next episode!

Jason Lee is everyone’s favorite gossip blogger on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.  On season 3 episode 9 “Retribution” we’ll see Princess Love meet with Jason to discuss Moniece Slaughter.  In the show’s last episode “Forgive or Forget” Moniece invites Princess and Brandi Boyd to a listening party for her new song.


At the party, Moniece calls Brandi out for being arrested.  Moniece claims that Brandi’s husband, Max, slept with a Becky and Boyd broke into the Becky’s house.  Slaughter further explained that Becky called the police, leading to Brandi’s arrest.  Brandi says that Moniece is lying about the incident.  Boyd explains that she did have a dangerous incident with a Becky but her husband was not involved.

Jason Lee Love and Hip Hop Hollywood
Jason Lee Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

Princess was more upset about the incident than Brandi.  Princess tried to attack Slaughter after she made the comments but security stopped her.  Princess felt guilty because she told Brandi about the event.  Moniece tried to contact Boyd via direct message but she was unsuccessful.  Princess told Brandi about the invitation while they were out for drinks.

Jason Lee Love And Hip Hop Hollywood
Jason Lee Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

In the previews for the next episode, “Retribution” we see Princess planning her revenge against Slaughter.  She meets with Jason and asks the blogger about Moniece’s sex tape.  We then see Princess tell Brandi about the tape.  She explains that Jason knows someone who has the tape.  Finally, we see Brandi requesting the tape from Jason.  Don’t miss next Monday’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood!

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