Is Julian Assange Dead Or Alive?

Status: Alive

The rumor that Julian Assange is dead is false.  The 45-year-old is alive.  The rumor started after Pamela Anderson revealed fears about Assange’s health.  Anderson visited him at the Ecuadorian Embassy and expressed her concern for his health and his family.  She brought him a vegan lunch and explained that she thinks he’s a good person.

The Australian computer programmer is the founder of WikiLeaks, a website that publishes secret information.  Julian founded the organization in 2006.  He is currently wanted in Sweden for questioning about an alleged rape.  He’s been subject to extradition to the country since 2010 but he fears that he will be sent to the United States for his role in publishing secret American documents which included sensitive information.

Is Julian Assange Dead Or Alive?
Is Julian Assange Dead Or Alive?

Many wonder how he has spent the last four years in confinement yet the charges he faces if sent to the U.S. explains exactly how.  Assange will face the death penalty in the United States for publishing the documents.  In Ecuador, he lives in a space that was once used as an office.

The former office that Julian lives in has a bed, kitchen, phone, lamp, shower, treadmill and of course a computer.  Back in May, the computer programmer received a kitten from his children.

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