Is Chrissy Lampkin Pregnant? 2017 Did She Have A Baby?

On season 1, episode 6 of Jim Jones Vow or Never “The Split Track” Mama Jones suggests that Chrissy Lampkin is having a baby.  The couple’s family is waiting for them at dinner, wondering why they received invitations to eat out.  Mama Jones wants another grandchild and was hoping that Chrissy and her son invited the family out to announce that Chrissy was pregnant.

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Chrissy Lampkin is not pregnant.  In 2016, Chrissy turned 45 therefore she most likely won’t be having any kids.  A few years back Mama Jones revealed that Lampkin was physically unable to have children.  Some believe that’s why Jim took so long to marry her.  Jim Jones has a son from a previous relationship.  When he talks to Chrissy about his son, he refers to him as her son despite the fact that she’s not his biological mother.

Is Chrissy Lampkin Pregnant? 2016 Did She Have A Baby?
Is Chrissy Lampkin Pregnant? 2016 Did She Have A Baby?

Mama Jones has explained that she has a great relationship with Jim’s baby mother.  Likewise, Chrissy doesn’t have any issues with the mother of Jones’ son making it more difficult to believe that they still are not married.  In blended families, a potential stepparent’s relationship with the stepchild is very important.

The rapper’s son, Pudy, has a great relationship with Chrissy.  Jim Jones doesn’t want to get married because he is scared of commitment.  We’re not sure why Chrissy continues to waster her time.