Irene The Dream Snapchat Name

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Irene the Dream continues to dominate social media.  The model currently has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram.  That’s just her main account.  You know you’re doing the damn thing when you have over 30,000 followers on your backup account.  She not only has a flawless body, she also has a beautiful face.

Some insult the model’s body, arguing that her waist is too skinny.  We love how she ignores her haters and continues to post unforgettable pics.  You know you’re doing something right if people find it necessary to hate on you.  Make sure you’re following all of her social media accounts.

Irene The Dream’s Snapchat name is IreneTheDream30:

Irene The Dream Snapchat Name
Irene The Dream Snapchat Name

The model reminds us to live our lives to the fullest.  If you can find free time to hate on others, you’re not keeping yourself busy enough.  In Irene’s pics there’s never a dull moment.  She’s always at the mall, out to eat or in the club.

Instagram isn’t the only social media platform that Irene is dominating.  The beautiful model also has over 44,000 followers on her Twitter account.  She can’t be stopped! The video below should explain exactly why!

By Jason John

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