Farrah Abraham Snapchat Name

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Farrah Abraham made headlines today, endorsing Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump.  The Teen Mom OG star knows how to get attention and stir up controversy.  As opposed to announcing a traditional message of support, she used Snapchat to advise her fans to “Grab life by the p*ssy!”

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Abraham’s statement pokes fun at Trump’s interviews with Howard Stern.  Audio tapes from 2005 revealed that Trump made multiple sexually aggressive remarks.  Farrah’s solution to the issue is making fun of it, but we don’t think that will work.  Make sure you’re following Farrah on all her social media accounts.

Farrah Abraham’s Snapchat name is FarrahAbraham1:

Farrah Abraham Snapchat Name
Farrah Abraham Snapchat Name
Hillary Clinton is leading Trump by about 5 points nationally.  People took the comments very seriously because they weren’t just words, instead, the statements described actions.  If there’s one person that doesn’t mind sexually explicit content it’s Farrah.  The Teen Mom star released her sex tape in 2013.  The following year she released a sequel to the video.
As a result of Donald Trump’s comments leaking, many people have asked him to step aside.  You simply can’t make sexually explicit comments and be the President of the United States of America.  Who would have though Howard Stern would be the one to make the difference in the election!?