‘Empire’ Season 3 Spoilers: Cupid Kills, Episode 4

Spoiler Alert.  This article contains Empire spoilers for the show’s third season.

Lucious Lyon vs. Angelo Dubois

In episode 4 of Empire‘s third season, “Cupid Kills” we’ll see Cookie and Angelo Dubois get closer.  Their relationship makes Lucious want Cookie more so he prepares to defeat Angelo in the battle for Cookie’s heart.  The preview shows Cookie and Angelo by each other’s side on multiple occasions.  We also see Hakeem with the new couple as Cookie advises Angelo to “sit back and enjoy the rise.

Jamal Lyon and Freda Gatz

In episode 3, “What Remains Is Bestial” we saw Jamal Lyon suffer a horrible panic attack when he visited Freda Gatz in jail.  In episode 4 we’ll see Jamal conquer his fears and face Freda.  This marks major progress on the singer’s road to recovery.  You didn’t think there would be an entire season of Empire without Jamal’s unforgettable performances, did you?

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Anika Calhoun Returns to Empire Entertainment

Anika is bored at home so she finally returns to Empire Entertainment.  In episode 3 she put Lucious in his place, explaining that she was the one doing him the favor.  Calhoun is in too deep with the Lyon family so her return causes problems.  Cookie hates her, Lucious tries to control her and things are just complicated between her and Hakeem right now.

Empire Season 3 Spoilers
Empire Season 3 Spoilers

Hakeem Lyon Falls For Nessa

When Hakeem Lyon met Nessa for the first time he flirted with her and we thought she would be his new love interest.  Then we found out that Nessa is actually Shine’s younger sister so we figured Hakeem was too smart to pursue a relationship with anyone Shine cares about.  Hakeem is a player and Shine doesn’t play when it comes to Nessa but this is Empire! In “Cupid Kills” we’ll see Hakeem fall for Nessa.  Don’t miss #EmpireWednesday on October 12 at 9 pm ET.