Empire Director, 50 Cent, Lee Daniels Beef

Empire director, Lee Daniels, recently found himself beefing with rapper, 50 Cent.  Initially, the New York emcee insulted Vivica A. Fox, leading Taraji P. Henson to intervene.  The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, posted an image of Fox alongside another woman in an attempt to disrespect the actress.

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Taraji had Vivica’s back, describing how much unnecessary noise loose change makes.  Jackson clapped back by calling Lee Daniels out.  According to the rapper, Daniels recently asked him why he refused to make an appearance on Empire.  The Empire director clapped back strong, as well, advising Jackson to shut his mouth before he puts something in it! Check out the following picture from Empire‘s season one finale.

Empire Director 50 Cent Lee Daniels Beef
Empire Director 50 Cent Lee Daniels Beef

The image above was used to promote the show’s second season and featured Lucious Lyon’s unforgettable promise, “Game Time B*tches.” The music mogul kept his promise, going above and beyond to escape life behind bars.  Jackson was definitely paying close attention to Empire‘s second season:

Lol leave that motherfucker he be calling the cop on niggas. Got me jammed up, them people pulled me over talking about my tail light was blown, come to find out they unscrewed the bulb. SMH that dirty motherfucker. #EFFENVODKA
A photo posted by 50 Cent (@50cent) on Oct 5, 2016 at 4:57am PDT

James “Ghost” St. Patrick will have to pull a Lucious Lyon to get out of jail, especially since his former love interest, Angela Valdes no longer trusts him.  Last year, Jackson insulted Empire arguing that the series was too similar to Power.  Lee Daniels could now make the same argument against Power but he has way too much common sense to do so.