DK4L Snapchat Name

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De’arra and Ken host one of my favorite YouTube channels: DK4L.  The couple shows the world how a relationship should be.  This post will present some of our favorite videos from the couple’s channel.  Nearly one third of all the people on the Internet use YouTube to watch videos thanks to quality content from people like De’arra and Ken.

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About 50 percent of married couples in the U.S. divorce.  With rates this high it’s important for us to learn from the successful couples.  De’arra and Ken represent one of those successful couples who have used their creativity to strengthen their bond.  Make sure you’re following all the couple’s social media accounts!

DK4L’s Snapchat name is DK_4L (that’s an underscore between the K and the 4):

DK4L Snapchat Name
DK4L Snapchat Name

Consuming content on YouTube is wonderful but De’arra and Ken teach us that it’s also important to create.  The couple creates content they wish existed and it’s paying off.  They post new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and currently have over 1 million subscribers.  Let’s take a look at some of our favorite videos posted by the YouTube stars.

We love seeing them in the kitchen.  They’re insightful and hilarious:

Ken’s break up prank is one of the channel’s best videos by far:

The couple’s “Do It Like Me” challenge video was unforgettable: