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Diane McIver, Atlanta, Lawyer Claud Tex Kills Wife, Blames Black Lives Matter Protestors

Macon reports that Atlanta police are investigating the death of Diane McIver, the wife of lawyer, Claud “Tex” McIver.  The Atlanta attorney claims that he was worried about Black Lives Matter protestors when he accidentally shot his wife.  The tragic incident occurred on Sunday, August 25, 2016 near Piedmont Park, an urban park in Atlanta.

Piedmont Park is where a black man was found dead hanging from a tree on Thursday, July 7, 2016.  The park has become the setting for numerous Black Lives Matter rallies in the past few months.  According to 11 Alive Diane and Claud were riding in a car with a friend when Diane handed a gun to Claud, who was in the backseat.

Diane McIver Atlanta Lawyer Kills Wife
Diane McIver Atlanta Lawyer Kills Wife


Diane handed Tex the gun because they were concerned about protestors approaching the vehicle.  I think they should have relied on the vehicle being much faster than a person approaching it.  If they were afraid, they could have ran a red light to get away from a person approaching their vehicle.They drove through the Piedmont Park area without incident but the gun went off in Tex’s hands minutes later.  The bullet went through the front passenger seat and into Diane’s back.  The driver rushed Diane to Emory hospital because she’s a regular patient there but she passed away in surgery.


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