Destini Carter, Deshondria Miller, Shawty Lo

It doesn’t get sadder than this: Destini Carter and Deshondria Miller took money out of Shawty Lo’s pockets after the accident.  It’s been about a month since the incident but new details continue to be released.  The Fulton County Medical Examiner explains that the rapper, whose real name is Carlos Walker, died due to blunt force trauma to the head.

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While the cause of Shawty Lo’s death isn’t surprising, we were surprised to hear about money being taken from his pockets.  Both Carter and Miller were in the vehicle when the accident took place.  Surprisingly, neither female was seriously injured.  When officers arrived on the scene they asked them if they could take money from the rapper’s pocket, and the officer said yes.

Destini Carter Deshondria Miller Shawty Lo
Destini Carter Deshondria Miller Shawty Lo

“Let’s get, get, get it!” The ladies left Shawty Lo with $16.

The autopsy also revealed that both Percocet and Vicodin were found in the vehicle.  Both medicines are used for pain but they’re abused very often.  The report also revealed that the rapper’s body bag smelt like alcohol.

The video below shows Beyoncé’s tribute to the rapper during her Formation tour:

The rapper teaches us to be careful.  You only live once but one wrong decision can shorten your life by many years.