Derrick Rose Baby Momma

Derrick Rose’s baby momma, Mieka Reese is discussed in this article.

On Wednesday, October 19, 2016, Derrick Rose was found not liable in his sexual assault civil trial.  The identity of his accuser was not revealed to the public, leading many to believe that it was his baby momma, Mieka Reese.  The NBA star’s accuser was not Mieka.  The former couple work together to co-parent their son, PJ.

Derrick Rose’s accuser revealed that she was in a relationship with Rose from 2011 to 2013.  Once PJ is old enough to read, Derrick will have some explaining to do.  In 2013, Derrick and Mieka were engaged.  They broke up after she found out that he had an affair with a stripper.

Derrick Rose Baby Momma
Derrick Rose Baby Momma

The NBA star has experienced major ups and downs throughout his career.  In 2012, he tore his ACL.  This is when the NBA star decided to cheat on Reese, leading the former couple to break up.  Rose was most likely depressed after the injury which could have ended his career.  If he wouldn’t have suffered the injury him and Reese would most likely be married right now.

When you suffer an injury as a professional athlete it leaves you with free time you aren’t accustomed to.  You’re used to returning home tired from practice and games whereas you’re full of energy after spending an entire game on the bench.  That extra energy mixed with depression led Rose to a very expensive civil lawsuit that we can all learn from.  Although he didn’t lose, he made his lawyer very rich.

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