Deborah Gresham, Walking Dead

Who was Deborah Gresham? The Walking Dead put up a memoriam of Gresham, leaving some fans confused.  She was the creator of The Walking Dead Facebook group.  Deborah was sadly killed after being struck by a vehicle while she was riding her bike.  We loved seeing AMC’s memoriam during the season 7 premiere and we are certain that her family and friends also appreciated the gesture.

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The incident occurred on Friday, October 14, 2016.  Deborah was riding her bike on Cerritos Avenue in Stanton, California.  The 44-year-old was struck by a vehicle at 7:35 PM.  The Orange County Sheriff’s Department reports that she was east of Knott Avenue and she sadly passed away at the scene.

Deborah Gresham Walking Dead
Deborah Gresham Walking Dead

The driver was an adult male who was arrested at the scene of the incident.  Investigators are working hard to determine the cause of the crash.  The driver was arrested on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter.

She was best known as the creator of the very popular Facebook page, “Zombie killers two.” The page was followed by people around the world.  She created quizzes and gave away prizes.  We still find it difficult to believe that the news is true.  Always loved, never forgotten, forever missed.  We’ll always love you and never forget you Deborah!