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Damon Boogie Dash Mother Linda Williams

Damon Boogie Dash’s mother is Linda Williams.  She is a nurse from Long Island, New York.  The 51-year-old has been in court with former boyfriend and baby daddy, Damon Dash, numerous times in the past decade.  Back in 2014 a jury decided that Dash had to pay Linda $50,000 for causing her to be prosecuted in 2009.

In 2009, Damon had Williams arrested for harassment.  Dash lied about Williams sending him harassing emails, which would have violated a 2001 family court order not to contact him.  During Dame’s glory years, with Jay-Z, he made numerous mistakes and he’s paying for them now.

Damon Boogie Dash Mother Linda Williams
Damon Boogie Dash Mother Linda Williams

We feel sorry for Boogie.  The Growing Up Hip Hop star has had to watch his parents attack each other in court several times over the past two decades.  Earlier this year he was arrested for DUI.  On episode 2 of Growing Up Hip Hop‘s second season, “Boogie Down” we find out that Salt-N-Pepa originally wanted Linda to be their DJ.

While Linda is on the phone with Pepa she find marijuana in her house.  Boogie lives in New York with his mother and she thinks he’s a drug addict.  While Boogie and his girlfriend, Luna, are at the studio, Linda texts Luna because she’s worried about Boogie’s drug addict.  Later, Boogie and his mother go out to eat and he tells her to stop telling people he’s a drug addict.


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