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Claudia Carleo, Gabriela Chavez, Marcella, Derrick Rose Rape Trial

Claudia Carleo, Gabriela Chavez and Marcella Carleo recently testified as the Derrick Rose rape trial continues.

The New York Knicks are ready for the regular season to start but Derrick Rose is currently in Los Angeles handling his sexual assault trial.  The talented point guard will not return to the team until the trial is over.  There have been numerous rumors about the case and this article will help sort things out.

Accuser’s ex-roommate, Claudia Carleo testifies

Claudia Carleo was the first witness to take the stand on Friday, October 14, 2016.  She is one of the accuser’s (Jane Doe) roommates at the time of the incident.  She explained that when she arrived home, she found multiple men in the living room.  She said that Doe wasn’t acting normal, instead she seemed upset.

Claudia Carleo Gabriela Chavez Marcella Derrick Rose Rape Trial
Claudia Carleo Gabriela Chavez Marcella Derrick Rose Rape Trial

Marcella Carleo testifies that accuser said she was raped

Later, Claudia’s sister, Marcella took the stand.  Marcella explained that she was not home on the night of the incident.  Similar to Claudia, she explained that Jane Doe was not acting normal after the incident.  She said that doe seemed shocked and confused.  Doe was spending more time in her room and was being very quiet.

Gabriela Chavez says suit is a scheme to get Rose’s money

Gabriela Chavez described Doe’s lying tendencies.  She explained that the woman told her that the sex was consensual and she is scheming to get Rose’s money.  Chavez is the 30-year-old accuser’s former friend.  Gabriela explained that her and Jane Doe went to Las Vegas in 2013 and Doe told her that she had sex with Rose and his friends.  Doe further explained that she was mad because Rose didn’t have a problem with her sleeping with his friends.


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