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Bow Wow On Empire

Was that Lil Bow Wow on Empire? No that was Master P’s son Lil Romeo aka Romeo Miller.  He plays Gram on the series, Tiana Brown’s new love interest.  On episode 3 of the show’s third season, “What Remains Is Bestial” Gram and Tiana perform their new hit “Love Long Time.” Hakeem still has love for Tiana so he decided to make a diss record aimed at Gram.

Hakeem’s diss record impresses his father, Lucious Lyon, who has called his sons out for being too soft.  Lucious takes his three sons to their old neighborhood in the episode to remind them that they are black.  We wish Bow Wow could have been in the van with Lucious and his sons because he needs a few reminders as well.

Bow Wow On Empire
Bow Wow On Empire

Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, recently stated that he wouldn’t appear on Empire because it’s filled with stereotypes about Black people.  The 29-year-old must have amnesia considering the fact that he’s appeared in numerous films that many would classify as stereotypical.

In 2011 the rapper played Byron in Madeas Big Happy Family.  Byron is an ex-drug dealer with a loud baby mama.  He is arrested for back child support because he doesn’t make enough money to afford all his bills.  We loved the rapper’s appearance in the film and we’re not sure why he all of a sudden, refuses to play “stereotypical” black characters.  That’s right, he’s not black.

By Jason John

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