Bailey On Lethal Weapon, Michelle Mitchenor

Michelle Mitchenor is the beautiful actress who plays Detective Sonya Bailey on Lethal Weapon.  The New Jersey native started her journey in the entertainment industry at the age of 14 when she was accepted into Ocean County Performing Arts High School.  She studied dance, voice and theatre and started in the industry as a professional dancer and singer.

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She attended Towson University and then moved to New York City.  She has worked with some of the industry’s most successful artists including Beyoncé, Rihanna and Alicia Keys.  She recently moved to Hollywood where she continues to work with some of the top talent in the business.

Bailey On Lethal Weapon Michelle Mitchenor
Bailey On Lethal Weapon Michelle Mitchenor

In Lethal Weapon episode 4 season 1, “There Goes The Neighborhood” we see the conflict between Detective Sonya Bailey and Detective Cruz.  Bailey thinks that Cruz acts entitled.  They help the team when a text message is sent to Boogie’s phone.  Sonya calls Roger and Martin to give them the address.
The episode was very entertaining and viewers agree.  Fox ordered a full season of the series which means the first season will include 18 episodes.  The October 12 episode increased 12% in the 18-49 demographic.  Empire isn’t the only successful series on Fox! Lee Daniels’ new show, Star premieres in December.