Angel Brinks, Prostitute?

This article discusses the rumor that Angel Brinks was a prostitute.  Some believe that her baby daddy (father of her first child, Tyreke Evans is the father of her second child) is her pimp.  She decided to stop working as an escort after he passed away.  Former Basketball Wives LA star, Mehgan James called Angel out regarding the rumor last year when the ladies were on vacation in Puerto Rico.

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Angel called Mehgan out for having multiple abortions so Mehgan exposed details from Brinks’ past.  Mehgan explained that Angel stripped at the Spearmint Rhino before appearing on the reality show.  The Las Vegas gentlemen’s club is located on S. Highland Dr. and is open 24 hours per day.

Angel Brinks Prostitute
Angel Brinks Prostitute

Mehgan further explained that the reality star used the money she made escorting to start her clothing business.  Prior to Basketball Wives LA, Mehgan appeared on Bad Girls Club, where there are no rules.  As a result, some people find it difficult to believe anything Mehgan says.

The picture above shows her nude except for a bed sheet shows that she may have a wild side.  Seeing her run her business on the reality show makes me believe that the rumor is false.  She seems like a respectable businesswoman.  While prostitutes can be respectable businesswomen, I can usually spot them a mile away.