Actor Who Plays Winston In New Girl

Lamorne Morris is the actor who plays Winston on New Girl. The fourth episode of the show’s sixth season, “Homecoming” featured a Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover.  Jess and her friends take a trip to New York to help Schmidt celebrate.  He’s receiving an award at his high school for being a distinguished alumnus.

Schmidt’s mom picks them up from the airport and we find out that her and Cece aren’t on good terms.  Schmidt finds out that he’s not really an honoree so Winston and Nick leave Cece and Jess with him to deal with the fallout.  Schmidt and hundreds of past graduates were invited to fund a scoreboard for the school’s basketball team.

Actor Who Plays Winston In New Girl
Actor Who Plays Winston In New Girl

Winston and Nick end up spending all of their money on an extravagant lunch in New York.  The pair end up trapped in the subway, unable to get to Long Island for Schmidt’s speech.  They put on a street performance and Nikolaj gives them all of his dad’s cash.  They make it to Schmidt’s speech right on time.

Lamorne Morris has been playing Winston on the Fox series since 2011.  The 33-year-old recently appeared in Ice Cube’s 2016 film, Barbershop: The Next Cut.  The hilarious comedian played Jerrod.  Damon Wayans, Jr. was originally a part of the cast but he was too busy with his series, Happy Endings.  Don’t miss the next episode of New Girl!

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