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Zoie Burgher Snapchat Name

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Zoie Burgher is the beautiful female who recently got banned from Twitch for twerking.  Twitch is a live streaming video tool owned by Amazon.  Burgher loves the game “Call of Duty.”  To celebrate a kill on the game she would twerk, leading her to gain a massive number of fans very quickly.

All those fans are now gone and she has explained that Twitch has banned her from using the tool due to her reputation.  There’s a lawyer out there that can’t wait to receive a phone call from the gamer.  We’re not sure what Amazon is thinking.  When social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat haven’t been able to legally block certain content, what makes them believe that they’ll be able to?

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Zoie Burgher’s Snapchat name is LuxeGaming:

Zoie Burgher Snapchat Name
Zoie Burgher Snapchat Name

Her former Snapchat name was ZoieBurgher:

Zoie Burgher Snapchat Name
Zoie Burgher Snapchat Name

While we understand that Twitch is trying to protect young gamers who shouldn’t be exposed to the content, they have upset older gamers.  Many of those older gamers have a full understanding of the law and what the company can and cannot do.  It’s one thing to filter certain content, it’s another thing to ban it.

In the video below, the beautiful gamer explains the situation.  Don’t be surprised if you see her back on Twitch in the very-near future.

By Jason John

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