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Why Did Rhonda Die? Is She Leaving Empire?

If you’re like me then you’re mad at Lee Daniels right now.  Why did Rhonda Lyon have to die? Luckily she’s not leaving Empire.  She is listed as a special cast member for the show’s third season.  As you know, her husband, Andre Lyon, has mental health issues.  Last season, him and Rhonda’s unborn baby died.

Andre had just begun recovering from losing his unborn child and now he has lost his wife.  This could be a karma lesson from Lee Daniels.  Rhonda killed Uncle Vernon in the show’s initial season.  When asked why he decided to kill Uncle Vernon, Daniels explained that Fox made him kill one character from the show’s main cast.

Why Did Rhonda Die? Is She Leaving Empire?
Why Did Rhonda Die? Is She Leaving Empire?

If Fox continues to force the director to kill characters one member of the Lyon family will eventually have to go.  Andre has been through far too much, losing his unborn child and his wife.  Killing Andre would just be evil.  You definitely can’t kill Lucious considering the fact that he’s the head of Empire Entertainment.

Hakeem and Jamal are the future of the company so you can’t kill either one.  Do we even have to explain why you can’t kill Loretha “Cookie” Lyon? We love the show’s OMG Moments but we don’t want to see any additional members of the main cast die!

By Jason John

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