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Who Plays Sonja On Empire? Jessica Klaas

Jessica Klaas is the actress who plays Sonja on Empire.  With Rhonda Lyon dying, the show’s main cast is now 100% black.  Sonja is one of the very few non-black actors on the entire series.  The beautiful model plays Lucious’ assistant on the show.  Gabourey Sidibe’s character, Becky, was Lucious’ assistant throughout the first season of the series.

According to her IMDb page, the actress has already appeared in some episodes of the series.  The following list includes the episodes she’s scheduled to appear in along with the episodes she has already appeared in:

  • What Remains Is Bestial
  • Sin That Amends
  • Rise by Sin
  • The Lyon Who Cried Wolf
  • More Than Kin
  • A Rose By Any Other Name
  • Cupid Kills

Who Plays Sonja On Empire? Jessica Klaas
Who Plays Sonja On Empire? Jessica Klaas
Lucious has lost his Cookie, making Sonja’s role as his assistant even more important.  He married Anika, a woman he doesn’t want to be with and he has horrible relationships with all of his sons.  Hopefully, Sonja will be able to keep Lucious calm as he attempts to expand the company.
One character that we didn’t see in the first episode of the third season was Thirsty Rawlings, Lucious’ lawyer.  Lucious will need all the help he can get this season, as he tries to outsmart the feds, including his very own brother, Tariq the Freak.

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