Who Plays Jack On Empire? Tha Pope Popeito Loud

Record artist, Tha Pope Popeito Loud, plays Jack on Empire.  According to recent Instagram pics, it looks like he’s a part of Lucious Lyon’s powerful inner circle which includes Vaughn (French Montana) and Birdman.  We can’t wait to see how Lucious’ circle operates.  Adding the storyline to the series reminds us of the powerful political circle on Scandal.

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We hope Lucious has learned his lesson when it comes to Shine Johnson (Xzibit).  He ruined Hakeem and Laura’s wedding yet Lucious seems to favor him for some unexplained reason.  We don’t understand how Lucious could murder his cousin, Bunkie, yet he won’t get rid of a liability like Shine.

Who Plays Jack On Empire? Tha Pope
Who Plays Jack On Empire? Tha Pope

The image above shows Jack with Terrence Howard.  In the caption section of the post he thanks Sanaa Hamri, one of the show’s talented directors.  Popeito is yet another actor that the series has introduced to the world.  If it wasn’t for Fox, actor like him wouldn’t have the opportunity to share their talent with the world.

We can all learn a valuable lesson from the actor.  Don’t forget to say thank you to the people who have provided you with opportunities.  You can never have enough gratitude.  We look forward to seeing Tha Pope in future roles thanks to his appreciative personality.