What Happened To Desiigner? In Jail After Being Arrested For OxyContin

Update, September 10, 2016
TMZ reports that the rapper’s gun charges have been dropped.  The rapper was involved in a road rage incident and the driver of the other vehicle claimed he had a gun.  Police searched the vehicle yet they did not find a gun.

TMZ reports that rapper, Sidney Royel Selby III aka Desiigner, was arrested in New York City after a road rage incident.  He’s currently in jail on felony drug and weapons charges.  Cops found OxyContin and additional drugs in his vehicle.  One wrong decision can change your entire life.  The 19-year-old rapper was on top of the world a few days ago!

According to XXL the rapper was arrested in front of the Foot Locker in Times Square around 9 PM on Thursday, September 8.  Passengers in an SUV were involved in a road rage incident with another vehicle.  Desiigner was in the second car.  One of the passengers in the SUV reported the second car’s license plate number to police after Desiigner flashed his gun, leading the police to track him down.

What Happened To Desiigner? Jail Arrested Oxycontin
What Happened To Desiigner? Jail Arrested Oxycontin

This isn’t good news for Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music.  Desiigner just signed a deal with the label revealing Kanye’s plan to takeover both the fashion and hip-hop industries.  Between this arrest and Amina Blue ruining his fashion show, Mr. West may have to pump his brakes.

The hip-hop cops are winning.  Bobby Shmurda was recently sentenced to 7 years in prison and now this.  New York has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation and the drugs found in the vehicle certainly won’t help the rapper’s case. #FreeDesiigner #Pray4Desiigner