Water Monkey: Basketball Wives LA’s Jackie Christie

In Basketball Wives LA season 5 episode 10 Jackie Christie introduced many of us to a Water Monkey.  Every time I think I’m done with Jackie Christie she pulls something brilliant out her hat.  If anyone think you’re watching too much television let them know that you learn new valuable information from the shows you watch.

In Chinese astrology the Water Monkey is an observant, multi-talented individual who is very creative.  Despite all the alcohol she consumes, Jackie is actually smart, as proven by her reference to such an incredible animal.  Moreover, Christie has a full understanding of what she needs to do to keep people watching the Basketball Wives LA.

Water Monkey Basketball Wives LA Jackie Christie
Water Monkey Basketball Wives LA Jackie Christie

Christie knows that she messed up at Angel Brinks’ event but she’s definitely not the type to just admit that she was wrong.  When Angel brings up Jackie’s recent actions, Christie starts providing horrible excuses.  That’s when Angel Love jumps in and we get one of Jackie’s best quotes of all time.

Angel Love wants an explanation from Christie, as well.  Jackie explains that she told Angel Love to take her shoes off at the event because she knows that she’s like a water monkey with her shoes off! I watched the scene three times…Yes, that is exactly what she said!

By Jason John

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