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Vanessa On Empire

Sierra McClain plays Vanessa aka Nessa on Empire‘s third season.  Lucious is desperate to sign Nessa.  Lucious, Shine, Nessa and Hakeem have a meeting during the show’s “Sin That Amends” episode.  Lucious makes it clear that he’s willing to help Nessa make her dreams come true.  Her and Shine are excited about their bright future at Empire Entertainment.

Speaking of Shine, we find out that Vanessa is his sister and he’s very overprotective.  He knocks a guy out in the studio after he catches him checking out Nessa’s body.  Hakeem is scared straight.  This won’t be another “Drip Drop” because Nessa is an untouchable.  Lucious should keep Shine around to babysit Hakeem.

Vanessa On Empire
Vanessa On Empire

In the season 3 premiere, “Light In Darkness” Jamal Lyon panics when he attempts to perform “Need Freedom” a song he wrote for Freda Gatz.  Luckily, Vanessa is able to pick up where Jamal leaves off.  She saves Empire‘s Extreme streaming service launch and earned Lucious’ respect.

Zeah (Ezri Walker) is another artist that recently earned Lucious’ respect.  Angelo Dubois (Taye Diggs) introduces Zeah to Lucious, explaining how smart he is.  Lucious was impressed by Zeah’s rhymes and he’ll most likely try to sign the young emcee.  Zeah will have to decide whether he wants to focus on school or music.

By Jason John

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