Terrell Suggs Baby Mother, Ex Wife Candace Williams

TMZ reports that Terrell Suggs’ ex-wife, Candace Williams claims that the NFL player refuses to pay for clothes and food for their two children.  Williams recently posted a video via Instagram where she explained that the Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker is a horrible father.  The 33-year-old signed a 4 year contract worth over $20 million in 2014.

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With that much money we don’t understand how he could refuse to provide for his children.  Terrell shouldn’t let his disagreements with Williams negatively impact his relationship with his children.  They are young but the will remember any hardships their parents make them go through.

Terrell Suggs Baby Mother Ex Wife Candace Williams
Terrell Suggs Baby Mother Ex Wife Candace Williams

According to Bossip the couple divorced in 2015.  In the video below, Candace explains that she has been sending their children to school without lunch and making them wear old shoes that no long fit.  While we agree that Suggs should help provide, Candace should do anything she can to become financially stable.

Williams shouldn’t wait on Terrell to get his act together, she should take the initiative, get a job and care for her two children.  The law is on her side and she will receive child support from the NFL player but until then, she has to find a way to make things work.  We’re praying for their two children.