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Sutton Tennyson Side Chick

It looks like Angela Simmons’ baby daddy, Sutton Tennyson, is still in the dog house after a woman revealed that she’s his side chick.  Simmons gave birth to her first child, a baby boy.  They named him after his father, Sutton Tennyson.  Despite their new bundle of joy we haven’t seen any pictures of Sutton with his son.

Tennyson isn’t trustworthy according to his criminal background.  He has been arrested multiple times, making the rumors that he has a side chick, more believable.  A woman recently exposed Sutton as a cheater.  She provided receipts, including photos and videos.  Sutton and Angela have only been spotted together a few times since the news broke.

Sutton Tennyson Side Chick
Sutton Tennyson Side Chick

The video below shows Sutton’s house.  The Atlanta native’s side chick recorded the video the last time she was over there.

Sutton is from Atlanta and we can use examples from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta to analyze this situation.  Some people think that Tennyson is definitely a cheater.  They argue that no woman in their right mind would claim to be a side chick if it wasn’t true.  Promise B. Mae proves that theory wrong.  She’s the woman that claimed to be Stevie J’s baby mother but then admitted that she was lying.

Then there’s Waka Flocka Flame.  Similar to Tennyson, he has a beautiful bae, Tammy Rivera.  Waka has admitted that he has cheated on Tammy with multiple woman.  Hopefully Sutton’s situation is similar to Stevie J’s and not Waka Flocka’s!

By Jason John

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