Shanda Denyce Music: Closer Lyrics

Shanda Denyce just released her new track “Closer” and we are very impressed! Her husband, Willie Taylor, released his track, “Jackpot” as a response to cheating with Kyesha Shalina.  In “Jackpot” Willie promises that he won’t cheat again, ensuring his wife that he has finally learned his lesson.  In the song, he explains that if she bets on him, they’ll double up and win the Jackpot.

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On the “For the Love of Money” episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Shanda decides to forgive Willie for the sake of their family.  Her song, “Closer” is the soundtrack to her decision.  The lyrics explain that she understands that he made a mistake and she just wants him in her presence at this point.

Shanda Denyce Music, Closer
Shanda Denyce Music, Closer

Similar to Beyoncé’s Lemonade album, the couple’s recent releases tell the story of a recent obstacle they’ve managed to overcome.  We love their creativity and hope they continue to focus on creating quality music.  Check out Shanda’s lyrics below!

Shanda Denyce

[Verse 1]
I know that we’ve been here before
What we gonna do?
Something’s in the way of holding on
Sometimes I like you here with me
Even when I was hurting
Cause I’m in love
And when you’re here with me
It means everything
Come here boy
Cause I’m in need of you
Come here boy
Go through so much with you
Come here
You’re taking all my love away
Come here boy
You better believe it
I need it
Come a little closer to me
Especially with all that we’ve been through
Baby closer
I want what we had before
Come a little closer to me
It’s crazy I love you
Like I used to
[Verse 2]
Remembering all the times we’ve had
Was wondering what made you so mad
See, I care for you
More than I could ever do
And even though that s*** you put me through
You were not around when I was there
And you just f***ed around
But I still care
Just thinking about to all that we’ve been through
And I still love you
I’m feeling like I’m a fool
I’m feeling like I am a fool
I really don’t know what to do
You, you, you, you
Baby closer
Come a little closer to me baby
You know I’m always down with you
Baby closer
Come a little closer to me
Forgave you for everything you’ve done
Baby I love you
And I will
I love you, I love you
And I will
And I will, always love you
Why leave the one you with
If you can forgive him?
Ain’t nobody perfect here
Ain’t nobody perfect here