Rosa Acosta Before And After

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood season 3, episode 6, “I Want It All” featured Rosa Acosta and Nikki Mudarris being caught by Nikki’s boyfriend, Safaree Samuels.  We recently shared before and after pictures of Ray J’s wife, Princess Love but she’s not the only one on the show that has had plastic surgery.


The images below show Rosa Acosta before she got her butt implants.  Unlike most celebrities the model isn’t ashamed of her plastic surgery.  That’s probably why Nikki likes her so much.  Acosta has explained that her workout routine would cause her to have a unattractive body.  She goes hard in the gym and has a low body fat percentage which led her to have a flat chest and muscular butt.

Rosa Acosta Young
Rosa Acosta Young


The model’s look was acceptable in the Dominican Republic but after she moved to America she noticed that thick women were receiving all the attention.  As a result, Acosta decided to transform her body and now she looks gorgeous.  Unlike some women that get plastic surgery Rosa didn’t get carried away.
I think once a woman starts changing the appearance of her lips, they need to stop immediately.  Acosta and Princess Love don’t have that problem.  Hopefully they are fully aware of how beautiful they are.  Neither lady needs any additional work done!


By Jason John

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