Ralph Angel, Queen Sugar

According to Vulture Empire paved the way for black family saga and OWN now has two of its own: Greenleaf and Queen Sugar!

Ebony reports that actor, Kofi Siriboe, plays Ralph Angel Bordelon on Ava DuVernay and Oprah Winfrey’s new television series, Queen Sugar.  Ralph was recently released from prison and is raising his son.  In one of the early scenes of the show’s premiere episode, “First Things First” Angel tells his son, Blue (Ethan Hutchison) to wait for him on a park bench.

Angel then walks across the street and into a convenient store.  He picks up some items and then approaches the cashier.  Despite the fact that he’s not wearing a mask to hide his face, he decides to rob the store.  He flashes his gun and demands cash.  The cashier gives Ralph the money but informs him that she saw his face.

Ralph Angel Queen Sugar
Ralph Angel Queen Sugar

On the show, Ralph’s son, Blue, is 6-years-old, the same age Kofi Siriboe was when he began his professional acting career.  The actor, whose full name is Nana-Kofi Siriboe, was born on March 2, 1994 and is currently 22-years-old.  Although he was born and raised in Los Angeles, he has deep West African roots.

Prior to Queen Sugar he was best known for his role as Tyler Miller on the MTV series, Awkward.  He also appeared in Straight Outta Compton, Lincoln Heights and Prom.

The two-night series premiere continues on Wednesday, September 7 at 10/9C on OWN.  Check out the following schedule for the show’s first season:

  • Episode 1, September 6, 2016, “First Things First”
  • Episode 2, September 7, 2016, “Evergreen”
  • Episode 3, September 14, 2016, “Thy Will Be Done”
  • Episode 4, September 21, 2016, “The Darker Sooner”
  • Episode 5, September 28, 2016, “By Any Chance”
  • Episode 6, October 5, 2016, “As Promised”

By Jason John

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