Quentin Miller Feet, Lost Leg, Falco Lombardi

XXL reports that Drake’s ghost writer, Quentin Miller, recently posted an image of his feet on Instagram.  After glancing at the picture, you may jump to the conclusion that he was trying to show off his Jordan 5s.  A closer look reveals that one of his legs appears much thinner than the other because his foot has been amputated.

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In the caption of the pic the emcee references Star Fox character, Falco Lombardi who has mechanical legs.  According to The Fader the Atlanta rapper was in a horrible car accident and his left foot had to be amputated from the knee down.  It’s great to see that he’s staying positive despite the unfortunate incident.

Quentin Miller Feet, Lost Leg
Quentin Miller Feet, Lost Leg

Meek Mill is always surrounded by drama.  The Philadelphia rapper is currently beefing with The Game and his cousin was recently murdered.  Last year, Meek Mill and Quentin were in a feud regarding Drake’s lyrics.  Both Meek and Funkmaster Flex called out Drake for collaborating with Miller and using him as his ghost writer.

In the video below, Quentin explains that he got beat up by Meek and his crew in Los Angeles.  We’re not sure what the Dreamchasers rapper was thinking considering the fact that he’s on probation.  We hope Miller’s spirits stay high and we can’t wait to hear some of his new music!