Patrice Tricey Brown, Atlanta Teacher’s Dress Goes Viral

Bossip reports that Patrice Tricey Brown aka #TeacherBae has responded to people’s comments about her attire.  Brown is the award-winning elementary school teacher in Atlanta who broke the Internet with her tight dress.  Her pictures recently went viral, leading her to post “This too shall pass” via Instagram.

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An article published by the University of Scranton explains that the adage of not judging a book by its cover doesn’t apply to teachers.  How an educator dresses sets the tone of the classroom.  While many people have commented on the way students will be impacted, I think it’s the parents that we need to worry about.

Patrice Tricey Brown, Atlanta Teacher Brown Dress Goes Viral
Patrice Tricey Brown, Atlanta Teacher Brown Dress Goes Viral

Parents must keep the lines of communication open with teachers.  Fathers may feel intimidated by Tricey considering the way the she dresses.  This is most likely the case therefore she should wear more appropriate clothing.  The men in my family are easily distracted when they notice a female in a tight dress and they wouldn’t be able to have a professional conversation with Patrice.

This would not be an issue is kids were not involved.  The nation’s education system must be improved, especially in urban communities, like Atlanta.  Educators should do anything that they can to create an effective learning environment and dressing more appropriately is something that Tricey can do.  A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.  Education is the most dominant tool we can use to transform the world.