Paperboy Song Atlanta FX TV Show, Childish Gambino, Donald Glover

Scroll to the YouTube video to listen to the “Paperboy” song from the Atlanta TV show!
GQ reports that Donald Glover’s new FX series, Atlanta, offers a hilarious, textured look at life in “the A.” In the show’s first episode, “The Big Bang” we meet Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles played by Brian Tyree Henry.  His song, “Paperboy” is a hit yet it’s not him rapping on the song.  Steve G. Lover, Childish Gambino’s brother, is the rapper on the track.

According to Shadow and Act the first season of the series will include 10 episodes.  Childish Gambino plays Earnest “Earn” Marks, an ambitious free spirit who convinces his cousin, Alfred aka Paper Boi, to let him manage his rap career.  Alfred is a weed head who lacks ambition but he just dropped the following track that may change their lives forever:

Alfred’s friend, Darius, is yet another weed head on the show and he’s hilarious.  He makes random comments and ridiculous requests on a regular basis basis.  He asked Earn’s dad if he could measure the tree in their front yard.  Alfred and Darius are good friends who maintain one very important ritual: Smoking weed everyday.

Paperboy Song Atlanta FX TV Show, Childish Gambino
Paperboy Song Atlanta FX TV Show, Childish Gambino
Atlanta is a feel good series that will make you stop stressing and start smiling.  Similar to Empire, watching the show will be like listening to a high quality soundtrack.  If the show’s music team continues to delivers tracks as hot as “Paperboy” we’ll be watching Atlanta for the next decade, plus.

By Jason John

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