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New Girl, Singer On Empire

Sierra Aylina McClain aka Nessa is the new girl on Empire that stole the first episode of season 3.  The singer saved Jamal after he had a panic attack on stage.  Lucious could care less about Jamal’s condition.  He really upset me when he pretended to shoot Jamal in the back of the head, wasn’t the trash can incident enough!?

Last season, Laura Calleros (Jamila Velazquez) was Empire‘s fresh face with the beautiful voice.  One season later, and there’s a new impressive singer on the series.  We love how the series continues to introduce new talent to the world.  It all started with the Lyon brothers: Hakeem, Jamal and Andre.

new girl singer on empire
New Girl, Singer On Empire

Some forget that Hakeem was the first Lyon brother to makes headlines with his hit song, “Drip Drop.”  Although Timbaland is gone, Empire‘s music team has everything it needs to provide Nessa and Hakeem with a successful song like “Drip Drop.” Nessa’s beautiful voice and Hakeem’s undeniable swag is more than enough.

Jamal didn’t let “Drip Drop” get all the attention.  A few episodes later Jamal performed his remix of “You’re So Beautiful” shocking Lucious.  Nessa has saved Jamal by performing “Need Freedom” but we want to see the two singers collaborate on a song.  Both their voices are amazing and we would love to hear Sierra on multiple tracks on this season’s soundtrack!

By Jason John

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