Mo McRae, Empire’s J-Poppa, Becky’s Boyfriend

Mo McRae plays J-Poppa, Becky’s boyfriend on Empire.  Becky is played by award-winning actress, Gabourey Sidibe.  The two actors made headlines after their intimate rooftop scene last season.  In episode 2 of season 3, “Sin That Amends” we see J-Poppa express his feelings about Empire Entertainment.

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J-Poppa explains that he has secured a record deal with a new label so he’s leaving Empire.  After Andre was appointed the head of Gutter Life him and J-Poppa had a meeting that went very well.  Andre convinces the rapper to incorporate the word into his music, upsetting Lucious.  The future seemed bright for the rapper but then the Feds began chasing Lucious.

Mo McRae Empire J Poppa Becky's Boyfriend
Mo McRae Empire J Poppa Becky’s Boyfriend

In “Sin That Amends” Cookie confronts Becky about J-Poppa’s expiring contract with Empire.  Becky tries to discuss Jamal’s career but Cookie tells her not to worry about him.  Becky then assures Cookie that J-Poppa plans to extend his contract with Empire.  Becky then tries to discuss the A&R position but Lucious interrupts the meeting.

J-Poppa is convinced that Empire Entertainment is going down in flames so he negotiated a record deal that would require Becky to leave Empire.  Becky would become head of A&R at the new label, a position she thinks she deserves at Empire.  Cookie and Lucious are always busy therefore it’s difficult for Becky to get the attention she deserves.