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Migos’ Quavo Cameo In Donald Glover’s “Atlanta”

Quavo from Migos made a hilarious cameo appearance on Donald Glover’s FX television series, Atlanta.  Last week, Pusha T announced that Migos signed with G.O.O.D. Music and it looks like the move is already paying off.  To make money, Alfred aka Paper Boi and Darius must sell drugs.  On the third episode of the show’s first season, “Go For Broke” the duo has to meet up with Quavo to re-up.

Quavo wasn’t the only member of the group to make a cameo on the series, Offset and Takeoff also made an appearance.  This was Migos’ first time acting and the trio did a great job.  The rapper is handling some business when Paper Boi and Darius show up at his RV.  The two drug dealers are reminded not to cross Quavo.  As soon as they arrive a poor soul is let out of the RV.

Quavo Migos Atlanta FX
Quavo Migos Atlanta FX

 The dope boys decide not to kill him and Quavo advises him to run into the woods.  He doesn’t have anything but his draws on and is ultimately shot and killed.  Alfred then tells the dealer that he wants a large order leading Quavo to get suspicious.  In the show’s second episode, “Streets on Lock” Alfred gets arrested so Quavo thinks he might be snitching.

Quavo Atlanta Migos
Quavo Atlanta Migos
Earn (Donald Glover) calls at a perfect time, and Alfred has the phone on speaker.  Earn wants Alfred to put some cash in his account because he’s on an expensive date with Van (Zazie Beetz).  Luckily, Alfred and Darius make it out of the meeting alive.
Fun Fact: Darius is played by actor, Keith Stanfield, who played Snoop Dogg in Straight Outta Compton.

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