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Meek Mill Brutal Knockout, Beanie Sigel

The Meek Mill vs The Game beef is getting violent.  Beanie Sigel was backstage at Diddy’s Bad Boy Family concert in Philadelphia when Meek Mill’s boy, Teefy Bey, knocked him out.  The Game’s “92 Bars” diss mentions Beanie.  Meek is from Philadelphia so to make it clear that he only had a problem with Meek and not the city, he sends Sigel a shout out.

In “92 Bars” The Game states, “Sigel wouldn’t loved it, Philly would’ve f***ed with it.”  Meek retaliated with his track “Ooouuu.”  Sigel makes a brief appearance on the track, “One call I’m in LA in three hours, the bully, please don’t bring me out of retirement.” A few days after the track was released Beanie revealed that he helped write the track.  He also explains that he had no beef with The Game.

Meek Mill Brutal Knockout Beanie Sigel
Meek Mill Brutal Knockout Beanie Sigel

Sigel has never been the type of rapper who was afraid of beef.  Back when he was in his prime, he had an unforgettable battle with Jadakiss.  This is most likely why Teefy Bey decided to punch him.  Meek and his crew were under the impression that Sigel knew the rules of a rap beef.

One of the most important rules is not apologizing after dissing your opponent.  The video below shows Sigel dissing Meek at the Bad Boy concert:

In the video below, Teefy Bey explains why Sigel deserved the brutal knockout:

We doubt that Sigel would press charges but if he does, the video above could be used to bury Teefy Bey.  The next video shows The Game’s interview with The Breakfast Club.  He explains the entire beef:
The following video shows The Game after Teefy Bey knocks him out:

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