Meggy, How To Get Away With Murder

On the season 3 premiere of How to Get Away With Murder we find out that Wes has a new girlfriend named Meggy.  “We’re Good People Now” starts where season 2 left off.  Wes’ father, Wallace Mahoney, was shot and killed right in front of his face and the police are questioning him about the incident.

Annalise is outside waiting for Wes after the interview.  They discuss the incident and Annalise tells Wes that Frank is the person responsible for the murder.  Annalise explains that Wallace killed her child so Frank got revenge by killing Wallace.  Later, we find out that Wes has been spending all his time with his new girlfriend, Meggy:

Maggie How To Get Away With Murder
Meggy How To Get Away With Murder

Wes has been avoiding Laurel and she’s not happy about it.  She is being neglected by multiple characters on the show including Frank who ignores her phone calls.  Laurel confronts Wes at his apartment where he explains that he has been avoiding her because of her past relationship with Frank.

Wes tells Laurel that he associates her with Frank so he can no longer be friends with her.  Then, Meggy arrives, interrupting the conversation.  Meggy is very nice and gives Laurel a huge hug.  Meggy tells Laurel that Wes talks about her all the time.  How to Get Away With Murder is back and better than ever!

By Jason John

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