Lyrica’s Engagement Ring, Love And Hip Hop Hollywood

Elope means to run away secretly to get married.  That’s exactly what Floyd “A1” Bentley and Lyrica Anderson did in the “Now or Never” episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.  While many were focused on Safaree Samuel’s fur and A1’s pearls, we couldn’t stop thinking about Lyrica’s engagement ring.

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A1 and Lyrica are discussing their plans for the future when he pulls out the beautiful ring.  A1 explains that they’ve been engaged for a while so he wanted to give Anderson a new ring.  Their mothers have made it difficult for them to get married because they don’t get along.  Here’s a picture of the beautiful princess cut engagement ring:

Lyrica Engagement Ring
Lyrica Engagement Ring

A1’s mother, Pam, has a temper and she doesn’t like being judged.  Anderson’s mother, Lyrica Garrett, can be overprotective and questions whether A1 is the one for her daughter. A1 was sick and tired of the nonsense from Pam and Garrett so he decided to ask Anderson if she wanted to elope.

Anderson is very close to her mother so she questions eloping, at first.  She then attends her mother’s live performance and the two discuss Anderson’s relationship with A1.  Garrett makes it clear that she doesn’t consider A1 nor Pam family.  This frustrates Anderson and makes it easier for her to go behind her mother’s back and elope with A1.