Jessie James Decker Snapchat Name

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The Big Lead reports that Jessie James Decker recently posted a Snapchat update revealing how happy she was about her husband’s touchdown.  The caption of the post praised the size of her husband’s manhood.  We’re sure that this made her husband, Eric Decker of the New York Jets, feel good about himself.

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According to New York Daily News the country music star didn’t stop there, she also used Twitter to discuss her husband’s body parts.  Jessie isn’t scared to keep it real on social media.  She’s constantly posting entertaining content that we love! Make sure you’re following all her accounts.

Jessie James Decker’s Snapchat name is JecieJ:

Jessie James Decker Snapchat Name
Jessie James Decker Snapchat Name

The 28-year-old is even more entertaining on social media when her husband joins her.  They’re constantly giving us #RelationshipGoals.  Eric used the image messaging app’s filter feature to swap faces with Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.  Jessie then used the chubby face feature to create yet another magical social media moment.

They say that social media complicates relationships but not when you’re using it like the Decker family.  Instead of adjusting to the way that others have used the apps, they have created their own rules.  The best part is that they’re doing everything together.